General Dentistry

Prevention and Maintenance…  Not Overrated

People find that once they get a beautiful new smile, they want to take care of it. Sure, most of us get busy and let some of our good dental health practices fall away but that’s where a great dentist and an awesome team, come in.

When was the last time you got…

3-D digital x-rays

A comprehensive cleaning

Thorough dental diagnoses


Many of our destination dentistry patients come to see us for a thorough cleaning or periodontal laser treatment  just to keep the amazing smile they got with us in top shape.

Dental Prevention… prevents your wallet from getting thinner!

Dr. Gonzales and his staff make sure you get great care all year around so you don’t have to get major procedures done later.  Regular visits with us will extend the life of your dental work, even implants need maintenance.

Plus, if you have any level or dental anxiety, you can get your routine dentistry done under IV sedation as thousands of people who come to Dr. Gonzales already do. Just ask.



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