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Every day we make it our goal to improve our dental practice and give every patient the ultimate in dental care in our Las Vegas office. Hear from real patients. Watch the videos above and learn why our patients love what we do for them.


“My dentistry was a self perpetuating monster that got worse and worse. I was a smoker, that didn’t help. I had periodontal disease. A friend introduced me to Dr. Gonzales one night when he was having dinner out. I had a terrible toothache and saw him the next day. He gave me a crown and a root canal. I got cosmetic dentistry with him. I get the sleep sedation. It’s a little uncomfortable when you wake up with anything like this but you go home, get some sleep and then the next day you have some tomato soup and you’re good to go. His dentistry turns out the way he tells you ahead of time it’s going to be.”   – Ray M., Patient Since 2006
Five Star Ratting
“I never liked a dentist and stayed away from the dentist so the time I met Tom, he had a lot of work to do. Tom told me about these dental implants and I was sick. Nobody wants to lose their teeth. But with the trust I have in Tom I knew it was the right thing to do. I got the All On 4. They’re bolted in and they’re not going anywhere. I could not have been happier. I’ve been missing teeth for 25 years. I’m 62 years old and I had to learn how to chew again. Everybody when they look in the mirror wants to look good and when I look in the mirror I know I look good because of what Tom’s done.”  – Greg D., Patient For 15 Years
Five Star Ratting
“I just let my teeth go over the years. I’d tell myself that I was going to go back and life happened. I was busy with work then my grandkids came along. We were on vacation in Las Vegas for our anniversary and my husband surprised me with giving me veneers with Dr. Gonzales. At first I thought I was an odd gift but when I woke up from my little nap there and saw my teeth, I cried. Our anniversary pictures show two smiling people instead of my husband smiling and me covering my mouth or not smiling at all. Dr. Gonzales is the best to me.”   – Jean L., Patient Since 2004
Five Star Ratting
“I started out 8 months ago looking for the All On 4 procedure. I have a stomach condition that was eating my teeth away. I’m very very afraid of dentist’s offices. I got on the internet and started looking for a dentist that can satisfy all of my needs. 1. Making sure I can go to sleep and not be awake for the procedure. And 2. That I could in the same day and have the procedure done. I set up consultations with Dr. Gonzales and four other dentist offices. I knew that when I left here, I was coming back here for the procedure. The All On 4 procedure changed my life. I can smile, I can eat better, I can laugh. I just felt like I want to talk all the time now.”   – Gail J., Las Vegas Patient
Five Star Ratting
“I was in a rock band and the lifestyle… we didn’t take care of our teeth. When I came to him, I was a mess. My teeth were breaking off and I had terrible gum disease. I said, ‘Pull them all out.’ He said, ‘No, we’re going to keep them as long as I can.’ And he really worked with me for the longest time but after a while, I had to do something. I got the All 4. It was really in and out. I love how they look. People will stop me at Starbucks or something and say, ‘You have amazing teeth.’ And I tell them, it’s all Dr. G.”  – Daniel D., Las Vegas Patient For 30 Years
Five Star Ratting


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