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Dental Implants in Las Vegas: New, One-Day Smile!

You’re facing the loss of a tooth, a few teeth, maybe all of them. You don’t smile so much anymore, it’s painful or uncomfortable to eat and you’ve lost something essential to your personality. Your smile is a very difficult thing to lose. Your smile is the very essence of who you are. But…  you can get it back in one day with the Las Vegas dental implant expert!

Las Vegas Dental Implant Expert Dr. Gonzales has been restoring people’s smiles with dental implants in Las Vegas for over 30 years! He creates your new natural looking smile with comfortable sedation dentistry and the latest efficient dental technology. Due to Dr. Gonzales’ precision and experience, many people get all of their dental implants done in a single visit!

  • Single visit procedure
  • Quick healing time
  • Natural, comfortable fit
  • Affordable and well done
  • Safe sleep sedation

dental implants

There are a lot of choices for implant dentistry in Las Vegas but getting a long lasting, natural looking comfortable fit comes down to the skill and experience of the dentist. Dr. Gonzales has spent a lot of time fixing dental implants from previous doctors. He welcomes patients who have been badly fitted with dental implants.

People deserve the best. Dental implants don’t have to hurt, look like they belong to someone else and work beautifully for the patient. – Dr. Gonzales

One of our most popular procedures is the All On 4 where people get both upper and lower implants in one office visit. It’s healthy, safe, sturdy and looks like your teeth.

Come for the right fit in a safe dental office with Dr. Gonzales. Get  your smile back in one day.