Drinks that Your Teeth Could Live Without

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Drinks that Your Teeth Could Live Without

There are a few things that we do to our teeth over and over again that really take a toll on our oral health. We know we aren’t helping our teeth out when we forget to brush, or skip flossing once or twice a week – it’s obvious. What we don’t always realize is how detrimental some of our favorite beverages can be in our fight for a healthy mouth.

What are the worst liquid offenders to our smile? Fizzy drinks like soda are the most obvious threats. Coffee and tea sit high on the list. Sports drinks and fruit juices aren’t doing your mouth any favors either. A quick look at that list and all-of-a-sudden many people realize that many of their favorite drinks are hurting their teeth. When we understand how they hurt our teeth we stand a better chance of being able to enjoy our favorite beverage while keeping our teeth healthy.

Enamel covers our teeth and acts as a barrier that strengthens and protects them. It is also the reason our teeth appear white. As our enamel erodes throughout our life our teeth’s coloration dulls. They also become more susceptible to decay and damage.

All the beverages mentioned above are high in acidity. Acid breaks down enamel by eroding it. When your teeth start feeling as though they have a fuzzy film on them, that’s when you know acid is working to break down the enamel on your teeth.

What can you do to ensure your teeth stay healthy? Limit the amount of beverages that are high in acid content. Limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to such drinks. Don’t sip one beverage for several hours. Finally, rinse your mouth with water after each acidic drink. This goes a long way toward washing away any remaining sugars and acids, and it helps to keep you hydrated.

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