• Dental Implant FAQ from Dr. Gonzales
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Dental FAQs

An Informative Dental Implant FAQ from Dr. Gonzales

A good dental Implant FAQ or just a solid set of answers to any of your dental questions helps dispel myths about dentistry that can greatly improve people’s lives. Too often, people live in fear of dentistry because they’ve either heard about someone else’s experience, had a bad one themselves or simply have been given some bad information.

It’s important to know that your experience and treatment is solely determined by the skill, experience and communication skills of a talented dentist. This is why Dr. Gonzales has changed thousands of patient’s minds about dentistry, sleep sedationdental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments .

So let’s clear up some of the myths and misinformation about what a great dentist  does. Dental help is here.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

With experience comes safety. Dr. Gonzales has over 500 continuing education hours in advanced anesthesia. His skills are equal to an anesthesiologist in a hospital. You are always monitored and never alone.

People come to him for sedation dentistry  because they get safe, comfortable sedation from a professional, Dr. Gonzales has taught sleep sedation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

What are Hybrid 4 Dental Implants?

Hybrid 4 is a procedure that places one entire arch of teeth on four implants. The result is natural looking, non-removable set of teeth. In most cases, patients can get a full restoration in a single visit.

Am I a Candidate for All On 4 Dental Implants?

If you’re about to lose your teeth, currently wear dentures or want to update your smile, you’re a candidate for All On 4. The procedure uses your natural bone structure more than traditional dental implants.

Can I afford dental treatment with Dr. Gonzales?

This is how we look at it. Your smile, a comfortable bite, an end to TMJ is worth more than any possession you can own. Depending on your treatment, prices are in a realistic range for the average budget. We don’t believe in breaking the bank or putting a strain on you financially. That’s why we have some of the most affordable financing plans in Las Vegas and Irvine.

What is Destination Dentistry?

People travel to Las Vegas to see the sites, take in a show or two, try their luck, enjoy the warm climate and get some of the best dentistry in the United States. They travel and make Las Vegas their destination dentistry place for vacation.

Dr. Gonzales has streamlined his practice around patients traveling from other states and countries. People can get beautiful dentistry and be able to fly home almost immediately. Families, business travelers, couples, groups of friends… everyone is taking advantage of destination dentistry with Dr. Gonzales.

It’s About You

We don’t expect our dental Q&A to answer all of your questions but we hope we cleared up the misinformation about dentistry.


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