Can Aloe Vera Treat Your Mouth Sores?

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Can Aloe Vera Treat Your Mouth Sores?

Winter is here, and for many people, that means chapped lips, fever blisters, and mouth sores. This season, consider trying aloe vera to get some relief.

What Causes Mouth Sores?

Many people experience mouth sores during the winter, but there are a variety of causes behind them. Illnesses like a cold or the flu can cause mouth sores, as can bacterial infections, food allergies, or even stress. If you are experiencing g a sore inside of your mouth, a jagged tooth or problems with an orthodontic appliance might be the culprit.

How Can Aloe Vera Help?

Many people use aloe vera to treat sunburns and other skin ailments, but it can also be useful in treating mouth sores. Aloe will speed up the healing process while reducing the discomfort associated with sores found on the outside of the mouth. It offers anti-inflammatory properties and adds B and C vitamins to the skin.

To use it, apply lip balm or gel that contains aloe vera to the sore at least three times a day until it goes away. Canker sores can also be treated with aloe vera in the form of a juice.

Remember that there are many different types of sores and ulcers that are contagious. So, after you apply aloe vera or any other type of treatment to the affected area, be sure to wash your hands so that you can avoid exposing other people or infecting other parts of your mouth.

Do You Need to Visit Your Dentist?

In some cases, chronic mouth sores may be the sign of a greater problem. If you experience frequent sores, it may be in your best interest to visit with your dentist. Likewise, if you have a sore that doesn’t go away in a week or two, please contact us today!.

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